JSEE International Relationship
1952.8 Founded
1953.4 Issued the first journal
1963 JSEE joined ASEE (American Society for Engineering Education)
1962.5 Licensed as an incorporated association
1973.1 AEESEA (Association for Engineering Education in South East Asia) was founded, and JSEE became a board member of it
1978.12 Held the 1st JSEE Conference
1981.12 Established the International Affairs Committee
1985.9 JSEE held the 7th AEESEA General meeting and the Engineering Education International meeting in Tokyo. JSEE became the Headquarter of AEESEA between 1985-1987
1989 Joined IACEE (International Association for Continuing Engineering Education)
AEESEA changed the name to AEESEAP (Association for Engineering Education in Southeast and East Asia and the Pacific) to better represent the region occupied by the members
1992.7 Started the JSEE Awards
1993.6 JSEE signed an agreement with ASEE
1994.5 Started the Joint Conference on Engineering Education
1996.4 JSEE held Mid-Term Conference of AEESEAP (former AEESEA) in Chiba prefecture
1997.5 Started Engineering Education Awards
2001.4 Started taking a role as an examining organization in the accreditation process of JABEE
2003.3 JSEE signed an agreement with SEFI (European Society for Engineering Education)
2003.5 JSEE signed an agreement with KSEE (Korean Society for Engineering Education)
2004.5 JSEE, with IACEE and SCJ (Science Council of Japan), held the 9th World Conference on Continuing Engineering Education in Tokyo
2005.4 Started certifying the Professional Engineering Educators
2006.7 Started the International Session at the JSEE Annual Conference
2012.1 JSEE became the Headquarter of AEESEAP between 2012-2014
2012.8 JSEE held AEESEAP Workshop in Tokyo
2015.3 JSEE handed over the Headquarter ofAEESEAP to KSEE
2015.9 Started the International Session Award for the best presentation
2015.12 Organized a track on Engineering Education in WECC2015 held in Kyoto, Japan
2016.12 Started uploading the International Session Proceedings of the JSEE Annual Conference to the J-Stage website
2019.9 JSEE held AEESEAP Workshop in Sendai
2022.1&3 Held International Symposium DXHE2022 (on Digital Transformation of Higher and Recurrent Education)  online